Update from Administrator – May 22, 2020

Update from Administrator – May 22, 2020

As in the past, our team and I hope this communication finds you safe and healthy.  With our economy slowly opening again, I hope that you are still taking precaution and adhering to the guidance that has been recommended by our government officials.  Here at Waterview Villa, we are continuing to battle this pandemic the best we can.

Through the guidance of the RI Department of Health, all residents and staff are being tested today.  This will continue periodically throughout the course of the next few weeks to months as we are considered still within the “outbreak” phase.  This just means that we have had + COVID cases within our facility so we must continue to be transparent and test often.  Results will be received this weekend and all Responsible Parties will be notified.  If your loved one tests positive, you will be contacted this weekend.  If your loved one tests negative, these calls will be made on Tuesday, May 26th.

As I have mentioned, staff is also being tested today, although we continue to screen all employees upon entering the facility for their workday.   The process involves being asked a series of questions and their temperature be recorded.  Only then are they allowed access to continue for work.  If they have had any symptoms, they are asked to be tested and quarantine until their lab result returns negative.  If positive, they are removed immediately from the work schedule, asked to quarantine, and repeat their testing once their symptoms subside.

We also continue to restrict visitors and/or gifts of food be brought in.  This allows us to control the potential spread of the virus from outside sources.  Our continued efforts are brought forth for the safety and health of our residents and staff.  The dedication and hard-work that has been displayed is heartfelt and warming.  We still welcome your support and concern as we move forward with yet another week.

This weekend, we observe Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a day we come together as a country to honor the men and women who answered America’s call and paid the ultimate price.  We remember our fallen, coming together to show our appreciation for that sacrifice and honor them.  We remember their families and loved ones left behind.  As you spend time with your own families, consider these points and cherish the time we all have together.  As hard as they may have been, these are days to make memories that last a lifetime.

In closing, I reiterate the need to stay vigilant and safe.  I wish you all good health and will continue to communicate with you in the spirit of transparency, honesty, and caring about you and your loved ones.


Marc Neustadt, Administrator


May 22, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring