Update from Administrator – May 14, 2020

Update from Administrator – May 14, 2020

As always, our team and I hope this finds you safe and healthy.  This week would have been National Nursing Home Week in which case, there would be celebrations, entertainment, and of course, Resident Bingo.  Instead, staff are attired with masks, shields, gowns, and gloves.  No celebrating this week.  Just lots of dedicated staff doing what they have been trained to do, taking care of our residents, our responsibilities.  A group of hard-working people, coming in day after day, shift after shift, caring for our residents.  We will hopefully be celebrating later this Summer, but for now, we must work diligently to address the matter at hand.

I’m sure by now, after listening to our Governor, Dr. Fauci, and global healthcare officials, you have heard that the presence of this virus in a congregate setting, especially among the medically and physically fragile population result in these challenging outcomes.  Mayor Bob DaSilva has also done a great job with communicating the needs of our city’s healthcare centers.  We thank his office for their continued support in communicating the information some of you have been asking.

We have received several questions asking about policy, procedure, and how many cases of COVID-19 have been discovered at Waterview Villa.  These are all valid questions; however, you must understand that confidentiality is a top priority, now more than ever.  With HIPPA laws, we are not allowed to discuss specific policy and procedural matters.  I do encourage you to call should you have specific questions about your family members.  These questions can be answered directly as it relates to them only.  Please call our center and ask to speak to the nurse caring for your loved one.  She will communicate this information to you.

As mentioned in a previously, there is no greater priority for us than the health and safety of our residents and staff.  We understand that this is a difficult time for all, especially our residents and their families.  We want you to know that we are doing everything in our control to provide a safe, clean, and sanitized environment.

I wish you all good health and will continue to communicate with you in the spirit of transparency, honesty, and caring about you and your loved ones.


Marc Neustadt


May 14, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring