Inside Athena: The Waterview Villa C.N.A. Leading as a “Fine Example”

Inside Athena: The Waterview Villa C.N.A. Leading as a “Fine Example”

C.N.A. Naira DeSousa at Waterview Villa

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. — For 13 years, C.N.A. Naira DeSousa has been on the floors of Waterview Villa Rehabilitation and Health Care Center providing needed care to the residents who live there.

“I love being a C.N.A. because it’s a way for me to help. I’ve always loved helping people. I do everything I can. I go out of my way if my residents need something,” she said. “I like it here. I feel like we’re family now.”

She works on the second floor with residents working to improve their mobility and return home. DeSousa said the successful recoveries are the “best part” of what she does, and said it’s hard to explain what it feels like to see a person improve their mobility and discharge from the center.

Desousa, along with the staff at Waterview, wants the residents to enjoy their stay at the East Providence nursing center. Being a C.N.A. isn’t just about providing physical care, but DeSousa notes it’s also about the emotional support of the resident.

“Sometimes a lot of people come here, they don’t have family,” she said. “When I have a minute, I always sit with them.” 

“I recall meeting with Naira, shortly after beginning my responsibilities here at Waterview Villa, and her saying, ‘I like working with my fellow employees. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I feel like this is my home.’ How ironic that Naira has been recognized by many for being one of the reasons that residents and staff alike feel everyone is so nice and helpful and that Waterview Villa feels like home to them, as well,” Administrator Brian Brown said.

The C.N.A. was chosen as the July Employee of the Month, which Brown said is no surprise.

“One of her many nominations was from a former resident who resided with us for a short-term, rehabilitative recovery. The resident shared how ‘Naira went above and beyond with her caring heart and her compassion that seems to have no end. During my darkest hour, she was there with a gentle touch and word of encouragement.’ Naira is a fine example of the many employees we are grateful to have as a member of the Waterview Villa family of employees,” Brown said.

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October 12, 2023 A Healthier Approach To Caring, Inside Athena