COVID-19 Family Update- 5/1/2020

COVID-19 Family Update- 5/1/2020


Dear Family Member/ Guardian,

As always, our team and I hope this email finds you safe and healthy. This pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time and we continue to work every day to ensure that we provide the safest possible care for our residents. Our staff is saving the lives of patients every day and they are saving the rest of us by serving on the front lines and limiting the reach of this insidious virus.

As you are all aware, this virus has hit nursing homes …at a disproportionately higher rate than the rest of the community. Sadly, I must inform you that as I write to you today, we have had residents test positive for COVID-19. The staff at Waterview Villa is working diligently and efficiently to treat these residents. Our thoughts are with them and their loved ones.

We want you to understand that we are continuing to do all we can to protect all of our residents and remain committed to ensuring the personal protective equipment (PPE) our staff needs and are in compliance with CDC and state guidelines regarding its appropriate use.

I am extremely proud of the entire team at Waterview Villa for their consistent dedication and compassion for our residents. As I watch this team, they are doing everything they possibly can to not only provide care but support them as we fight this dreadful virus.

I wish you all good health and will continue to communicate with you in the spirit of transparency, honesty, and caring about you and your loved ones.

Marc A.Neustadt. LNHA
Waterview Villa Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

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